Fire Goddess (Book #2)

“The author delights in wrong-footing the reader.  A fast moving, hugely-entertaining thriller.”

- The Observer on Sunday (praise for Ella Jett's previous books)

FIRE GODDESS is book #2 in the Mama Brigitte series of erotic thrillers, which begins with SEX GODDESS (book #1), a free download!

New Orleans Voodoo priest Baron Samedi is on the run.  Shadowy, powerful forces are searching for him, including the mysterious Luc Feri.  Luc operates an underworld empire, with ties to the intelligence agencies.  Luc is secretive, but his secrets are even darker and more extreme than they seem.

Luc has kidnapped Isabella Crandal, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy Louisiana couple, and is holding her as his slave at his Acapulco penthouse.  She is one slave among many, but Baron has promised to get Isabella back.  Cornered by Luc’s henchmen, Baron must once again conjure Mama Brigitte.  

Brigitte is a Voodoo loa, a supernatural being who can cross between the worlds of the living and the dead.  Brigitte is the reincarnation of the Celtic goddess Bridget, and is among the most powerful and most sexual of all the loas.

Brigitte goes to Mexico to save not just Isabella, but also Baron himself.  Soon, she finds herself tangling with Luc in every way.  And she quickly discovers that Luc is more powerful than anyone knows, and his goals are more ambitious - and more terrifying - than even she could image.

A supernatural erotic thriller with non-stop action, dramatic international settings, unexpected twists, and heart-pounding sex, FIRE GODDESS will leave you aching for more and turning pages late into the night.